Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alliance Virtues and Rules

We hold to the following knightly virtues: Courage, Loyalty, Generosity, Nobility, and Perseverance. We are not like many other alliances who allow you to raid and pillage without any thought to nobility and honor. Read carefully and decide if this is the alliance for you.

COURAGE: You must show courage in the face of danger and war. This is a war-game and there is a high possibility you will be attacked, and a certainty you will be asked to attack our enemies. Weakness and fear has no place in our alliance.

LOYALTY: You must be loyal to our leadership and the alliance, as well as our friendly alliances. We openly share our coords with the members in order to receive transports, if we find that you are giving our cords to others outside of the alliance, then you will become a target and incur our wrath. If you decide to leave our alliance after we have spent our time to assist you with knowledge and/or resources, you will be considered a “persona non grata” and you may become our next target! We are loyal to you and will stand by you and help you, we expect the same from you.

GENEROUS: You should be a generous person, willing to share with others your excesses and knowledge if needed. This means that if you have excess resources and there is someone in the alliance that needs resources, you should be willing to send them transports of your excess, as well as giving your knowledge of the game and tactics to those that need the information.

NOBILITY: Nobility is a must as we are a peaceful order until provoked. We show our noble virtue by not bullying other players and fighting with honor. You may not raid the same person more than once a day! Repetitive raiding is being a BULLY, and we do not want bullies in our alliance. We also do not steal wilds from other players, check to see if someone owns the wild before you conquer it. We will remove you if you do not comply to these rules in our alliance.

NOTE: If you or an alliance member is being attacked, your wilds are being stolen, we are in a war, or an alliance is marked hostile - the rules against bullying and wild stealing do not apply. If you are uncertain, please ask. If you need a list of wilds for someone who is attacking you or stealing your wilds, ask me.

PERSEVERANCE: You must persevere in this land to increase your might and foothold in Camelot, if you grow stagnant you may very well be purged from our ranks. This means that if weeks go by and you do not change in might at all, we may remove you. We desire activity in this alliance. Chatting in the alliance is also looked well upon.

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